Working Of Solar Panel

Solar panels work when the sun’s energy is harvested and converted to electricity. Read more below to find out more about how a solar energy system would connect to your home and how you can integrate it with your existing utility infrastructure.

How Do Solar Panels Work

Solar panels work when they let photons from sunlight knock out electrons from the solar cells for generating electricity. Every panel comprises of several cells that are linked together. Each of these cells has both a positive and a negative layer that combine and form an electric field in which energy is generated.

The phosphorus contained in the top silicon layer produces a negative charge, whereas, the born present in the bottom layer generates a positive charge. Both these fields interact with each other and turn the sun rays into energy that flows from the solar panels to your inverter.

Solar panels work by harvesting the sun’s energy and converting it into electricity. Read more to learn how your solar energy system connects to your home and integrates with your existing electricity infrastructure.

How Does The Solar Energy Work?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how solar energy works.

Step 1

Sun rays hit the layers in your solar panel and electrons and photons interact with one another to form an electric current.

Step 2

The electrical current flows down from the panels to the solar inverter that converts the energy produced (DC) from your panels to useable energy (AC).

Step 3

The AC electricity flows from the inverter to the breaker box, which circulates it throughout your home.

Step 4

If there is any unused current it would flow back to your electricity meter and would remain available for you to consume in the future. Certain states also provide the facility for the homeowners to return the unused current to the electricity grid and provides energy credits on the next current bill. This is known to be net metering.

How Does The Net Metering Work?

The process of net metering works by sending any extra energy that your solar panel produces back into the power grid. You get credited for that extra energy at a 1:1 ratio, meaning that you get to sell it at the exact price you buy it. You can use these credits on your future electric bills. It’s a great incentive for using solar energy.

What Would Happen To The Excess Energy?

You can either store the excessive energy in a solar battery or make use of the net metering for selling the energy to the utility companies. During the time of peak sunlight, your solar panel system would generate potentially more energy than you would require. When you store this excess energy in a solar battery, you would have access to electricity when there is an outage or power areas of your house during the night.

FAQs On Solar Panel

1. How does a solar panel work in my home?

Solar panels in your home work by converting photons from sunrays into DC that flows into your inverter. The inverter then converts it to AC and sends it to your electric box for powering your home. The solar panel in your home is an affordable as well as an efficient way to have your power and not rent it from the grid.

2. How does a solar panel work with a grid connection?

A solar panel works with a grid connection when it impacts your electricity meter readings. If your home is well connected to the grid, you would have an energy meter that would show you how much electricity you consume. With the help of a solar panel, you can potentially lower your dependence on the grid connection when you use stored energy or net metering credits to lower your current bills.

3. What is a solar inverter?

A solar panel inverter helps in converting the DC which your solar panel produces to AC that powers you are home. It is much similar to a translator. It helps in converting solar energy to alternating current which you can use in your day to day life. A solar inverter is installed along with a solar panel system.

The Most Effective Era Of Solar Panels Is Here

Solar panels are becoming more sophisticated each year. Modern technology has steered in the most effective solar panels era that the world would have probably seen. These solar panels convert at a mind-blowing rate of 21 to 22%, which not only allows them to produce more energy for you, but also helps you in saving a lot of money!

Solar panels are here to stay since they work!

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