Solar Energy Advantages

Advantages of Solar Energy

Save money, be energy independent, reduce carbon footprint. Read on to find out how you can benefit from solar panels.

Start Reducing Your Utility Bill

Undoubtedly, solar-powered current is the best cost-saving energy alternative. Depending on what size is your solar panel system, it would start to generate more energy than what your home can consume, making your meter take a 180 degrees turn by spinning backward. When you opt for a solar panel, you can easily decrease your monthly current bill and instantly save on it month after month.

By using a solar panel your home would produce carbon-free energy throughout its life cycle. Even when your solar panel does not generate 100% of the total energy your home consumes, you would still be able to reduce your electricity bill and own the electricity that your solar panel generates.

Qualification For federal Tax Credits

If you add a solar panel to your home, you can gain federal tax credits. You can claim 26% of the total cost when you install a solar panel at your home in the form of tax credit. This tax credit is an incentive that would help you to bring down the initial costs.

Go Solar At The Most Affordable Rate Than Ever!

The technologies have advanced to such an extent that the cost of installing a solar panel has dropped down drastically. Today, solar panel systems need little to almost no maintenance. Also, Nationwide Solar Power provides you with various solar saving plans which consist of 100% financing and $0 down for qualified homeowners, making the system more affordable than ever!

Latest Advanced Solar Technology

Today the technology in solar energy has risen to an extent that it’s at its all-time best. The solar panels and solar cells made presently are the most efficient and renewable sources of energy. The solar panels have practically sleek designs today which blend seamlessly with your home’s roofs. Their design helps in maximum sun exposure, enabling them to generate power even on cloudy days.

Protect Your Home Against The Rising Electricity Bills

Electricity costs keep rising bit by bit and they have raised to about 60% in the U.S. for the past 2 decades. They would continue to rise as the fuel costs for the power plants keep rising. Also, the cost of billions of dollars for cleaning the coal ash would be passed onto us.

One of the biggest advantages of solar energy is that you can protect your family against the potentially increasing electricity costs. Shifting towards this source of energy would help in having a

more consistent forecast for your finances and you’d be able to manage your expenses in a better way.

Increase Your Property Value Potentially

Homes that have a solar panel system have a higher value of their property than the ones that don’t. There is much evidence from many studies concluding that these homes with solar panels tend to get sold faster compared to the ones that don’t have the system. Since more homeowners are interested to buy homes having solar benefits, the demand for such properties will always continue to increase.

When homeowners today look forward to making home improvements, they often consider solar energy as the priority. When you live in your home, you enjoy reduced electricity bills. When you decide to sell your home, you enjoy an increased property value.


The Best Return On Investment

Do you feel solar energy is an expense? Well, think about it as an investment, because it is one! If you have a solar panel system at your home, you’d notice an ultimate return on investment through your electricity bill savings. An American homeowner on average notices a return on investment in about 6-8 years.

Well, the truth is that solar panels provide you with greater and greater investments for the longer time you have them. And most importantly, these are all tax-free returns because they are saved and not income. The best advantage of solar panels is that even when you plan to sell your house, you would still notice a return on investment. All thanks to the increased value of the house due to solar panel installation!

The Best Form Of Renewable Energy


Solar energy is a type of renewable energy that we would be able to use for as long as there’s an existence of sun, which makes it a long-term alternative of energy. When the power of sunlight is harnessed through solar panels, we can reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources from other countries to generate electricity. Solar energy is a consistent form of energy that can be used even in the most remote locations.

Save Now with Solar Power

Solar Panels Make You Eco-friendly 

If you are looking forward to ways of minimizing your carbon footprints, solar energy is the perfect option to go about it. Being the clean alternative for fossils fuels, solar energy is non-polluting, reliable, and an amazing renewable source of energy. Solar power doesn’t release greenhouse gases and pollutes the air, thereby eliminating the environmental damage.

Solar Power Can Reach Off-The-Grid Houses 

Solar energy is so powerful that it can reach even the remotest locations through batteries. If the area doesn’t have access to power cables, solar panels are an excellent solution. Since having electricity lines in these remote locations can be quite difficult and costly, solar energy is the viable solution. 

Nationwide Solar Power would not take you off the grid, but our grid-connected solar panel systems would help you save significantly on your utility bills. 

Easy Solar Installation Process 

With Nationwide Solar Power, you would receive customized solar panel solutions according to your home’s layout so you can easily maximize the space without having to opt for any large-scale installations. 

We are proud of our 1-2-3 installation process that consists of qualifying your home, a free consultation on solar panels, and scheduling the installation date so you can start your solar journey as soon as possible. Our solar installers work efficiently, smartly, and precisely to ensure that your solar installation process is as smooth as butter. 

If you are all set to start enjoying the benefits of solar energy, we would love to get you on board with your journey

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