Cost Of Solar

The cost of a solar panel depends on your current power usage, location, and targeted monthly savings.

How Much Does An Average Solar Panel System Cost?

The cost of the average solar panel system varies from one property to another since businesses and homes consume current differently. The price of your solar panel would depend on the direction in which your home faces the sun, your current energy consumption, the amount of sunlight received on your roof, etc. There’s no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to solar panels.

Consider, for example, that the average solar panel system would be 6000 watts. However, the number depends on your current electricity bill that you wish to offset with the panel. If the size of your house is the same as your neighbor but you need more electricity than them, you would need a higher-wattage solar panel to get the same savings.

How Is The Solar Panel Cost Calculated?

The solar panel costing is calculated in terms of dollars per watt.

Watt is the metric used in the measurement of a solar panel’s production. The amount of electricity that your solar panel array produces varies on the size of your system, the amount of sunlight (UV RAYS) it receives, and the solar cell efficiency.

However, the output of a solar panel system is not just what you must consider to determine its total cost. The installation cost would affect the final pricing as well.

But well, the good news is that we offer you a FREE in-home consultation in which we determine the best suitable size for your solar panel and its type, be it ground-mounted or roof-mounted.

What Does The Cost Of Solar Panel Installation Include?

The Nationwide Solar Power quote gives you an all-inclusive cost of your solar panel installation. This is what it includes:

Installation Equipment

The installation cost comprises solar panels, wiring, inverters, mounting racks, conduit, and mounting hardware.

Custom-designed Solar Panel System

When you sign a contract with us, our team starts to design your solar energy system, file permits and makes it ready for installation. We manage every step so you can sit back and enjoy your savings.

Solar Panel Installation

On the day of installation, our team would carefully install the solar panel, check its proper functioning, and clean it up. The only thing you’d have to do is enjoy your new solar panel and watch how it saves you money!

Solar Panels Have Become More Affordable

The most efficient solar panel systems available in the market have about 23 percent efficiency ratings. Yes, it doesn’t sound like it’s much but it’s enough to meet your energy requirements. Learn how an efficient solar panel would potentially reduce your electricity bills in the long run.

Consider, for example, that a typical home receives an annual average of 4-5 hours of peak sunlight each day. Hence, every square meter of the solar panel is exposed to 4-5kWh solar energy every day. Having 20% efficiency, every square meter can capture, convert and deliver about 0.8-1kWh energy to your home.

Because a typical home in the United States requires around 30kWh of electricity every day, 30-38 square meters of panels would be sufficient for generating enough electricity. This is roughly about 300 to 400 square feet, one-fourth of the size of an average roof. The newest and most efficient solar panels need lesser roof space for generating energy, hence the cost of your solar panel installation would go down.

Some Questions From Our Customers

1. How much will I save with a solar panel?

The exact amount that you would save with a solar panel depends on your location. Every utility company would have its current rates, net-metering rules, and incentives which can affect your savings. Also, many states get significantly more sunshine than the rest. However, even if you live in an area known for clouds, you can generate enough electricity through a solar panel to power your house sufficiently.

Schedule a consultation with our professional to check how much you can potentially save.

Net metering enhances solar power economically, which is why Nationwide Solar Power works with power companies that provide you with the same. The companies that do not provide a net metering, using a battery helps in utilizing more energy than what your solar panel would generate for your benefits.

2. How to reduce the home solar energy costs?

Nationwide Solar Power provides 0% down and 100% financing solutions for qualified homeowners for making it even easier for them to buy a solar panel and maximize the savings.

Homeowners can also benefit from 26% federal tax credits 2021.

3. What do you mean by net-metering?

Net-metering provides you with a way to store the energy produced and use it when you require it. During the time of peak sunlight hours, the average solar panel would generate more power than what you and your family would use. The extra energy that is not used up is fed back to the solar grid and can be useful for others.

You also get credits for the energy that is fed back to the grid. If needed, you can use the credit to get power from the grid when your home needs more energy than what it can produce such as during nighttime or cloudy days.

Net metering enhances solar power economically, which is why Nationwide Solar Power works with power companies that provide you with the same. The companies that do not provide a net metering, using a battery helps in utilizing more energy than what your solar panel would generate for your benefits.

Reduce Your Costs with Nationwide Solar Power

We Customize Solar Arrays According To Your Needs

Many solar companies would suggest you go for a solar panel of any size for your home or business without considering the decisive factors. However, at Nationwide Solar Power, we consider factors like the size of your roof or yard, and most importantly, your energy consumption. Without having this information, it would be trickier for you to find the perfect-sized solar panel system to meet your needs.

The experts at Nationwide Solar Power would evaluate all these factors thoroughly for making sure that once you install our solar panels, you are nothing but excited about your purchase.

We Provide Solar Panels To Both Homeowners And Business Owners

Nationwide Solar Panel provides premium, American-made residential as well as commercial solar panel systems across the country. However, the potential utility savings you get in different states depends highly on the local government incentives and the net-metering programs that they offer.

Save On Your Solar Panel Costings With Nationwide Solar Power

There are already enough solar panels installed in the country to power over 12 million homes. We being the most fastest-growing company in the U.S., our mission is to help you in joining this movement.

Request a free quote today and learn about how you can save on your monthly energy costs with our premium solar panels.

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