Solar Panel Warranty

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Your investment is protected by a solar panel warranty

When you get ready to invest in our solar panel systems, you would probably start to think about their warranty. Since solar panel systems do not consist of any moving parts, they hardly need any repair or maintenance for a lifetime. Most likely, your solar panel would generate power trouble-free for several decades.

Understanding your solar panel warranty

At Nationwide Solar Power, we provide you with solar panels that are superior in performance and reliability. They are the panels with the highest quality and lowest rates of defects that you could find. Our quality and reliability are reflected in the warranty that we offer in our solar panels when we install them in your home.

Solar panels typically have two different kinds of warranties: performance and equipment.

Our solar panel systems have a guarantee of 30-year linear power performance and a 25-year product workmanship. Our product warranty covers problems like premature wear and tear, and manufacturing defects.

Even though the most likely scenario is the trouble-free performance of your solar panels, the systems do go through problems from time to time. In case you face any issue with your solar panel post the installation, it would most likely not affect the rest of your solar system. Depending on the reason behind the failure of your system, it would continue to run with the panel that’s in place.

However, there can be times when a panel would fail in a way that would affect the performance of your system. The warranty of your solar panel system would cover in case you need to replace a bad panel with another one. For the same reason, we use American-made solar panel systems that have solid warranties of equipment and performance.

The solar panels at Nationwide Solar Power guarantee that your panels would function at about 80 percent of their capacity even after 30 years.

How long would solar panels last?

Although the solar panel systems from Nationwide Solar Power are installed with a warranty of 30 years, they would, on the other hand, last for longer than that period. They would continue to produce energy for a long time even after their warranty period has expired. These are the good news for your return on investment with our solar panels. Since most of the estimates of your solar savings depend on the calculation of a 25-year warranty, any extra mileage that your panel covers are a bonus.

Inverter Warranty

Your solar panel systems would last you for a longer time with hardly any degradation. But well, your inverter, which converts DC power to AC power that your home can consume, has a similar warranty timeline as well. It comes with a warranty of 12 years, but you also get to choose if you wish to extend it for additional 13 years, making it 25 in total. It would be a no-brainer for you to extend the warranty of your inverter to come close to that of your solar panel. We would take care of any sorts of warranty issues as the installers of your system.

Bottom line on our solar panel warranties

It’s highly unlikely that you would need a replacement for your solar panels before the warranty period expires. Our solar panels have a longer life span and generally outlast their warranty period. They continue to provide your home with the energy and that’s the best thing!

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